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Why Hire a DJ?

    A Good DJ can turn an event from simply an ordinary ok event to an extraordinary event. It makes your event look more professional by hiring a professional and the results will simply show and speak for itself. If you simply put on an Ipod your event will be an ok time, but you probably won't have a great time. The choice is really up to you and what kind of experience and memories you would like your guests to have.

Do we prerecord our mixes for the event?

    No the mixing is done live in that there is no way for sure of knowing what the crowd will like. Often is the case that organizers will think that a certain genre is what is preferred but often it's not. It's also more exciting for the crowd and myself.

Do we take requests?

    When appropriate. Usually I get people to write their request on a pad of paper and for the most part I often try and play them. There are times when people make great requests and that actually are a lot of fun however, music really is about timing and people can request tracks that really simply represent bad timing or could be what the organizers don't want.  We side with the organizers of the event in this case.  We invite organizers or other guests to bring a CD, USB stick, SD Card, Vinyl, of any music they feel must be played.  As well we can play cell phones or if the venue has wifi we can usually play songs off of youtube.

Do we MC weddings?

    We can MC your wedding. Usually I just call the tables, or announce what's supposed to happen next on the wedding schedule however I have yet to see a wedding actually follow the schedule.  Or it could be something as simple as, "will the owner of the red honda civic licence ******, your lights are on.  But, keep in mind there isn't really that personal touch someone who grew up with you can really provide such as mentioning an embarassing/funny story.

Will we drink at your wedding?

    No, we will not have any drinks unless offered, and even then drinks usually are few in number. Bottled water and a meal is always a nice bonus though and is typically very much appreciated.

Why are our rates fixed?

    We feel a fixed rate is fair to all of our customers, and treats them all equal and so people do not have to worry about negotiating, or if they got the best price. We want you to have a pleasant experience from the start about hiring and having a DJ at your event and we want you to experience value and hire us in the future.

Are you Insured?

Yes we have 2 Million Liability insurance and can provide proof of that insurance.  


    If you are a bar, lounge or club that is looking for a weekly DJ for a month or so you can request a demo from Clodion or a tryout gig.
At this point and time at DJs4everything we feel that it is best to not DJ warehouses or other unlicensed venues. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.