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My Mission Statement and Vision:

My mission is to provide the best value in audio visual  and DJ services for small to mid size events.

My vision is to explore music, sound and lighting and to use what I have learned to improve and expand on the audio visual and  DJ services I provide.

My values in music lyrics:

DJ Clodion

Meet DJ Extraordinaire, your entertainer for the evening.

    Connor, with stage name DJ Extraordinaire, has been bringing the good times since 2011 through his DJ company DJs4everything. With his professional experience he has the ability to turn your venue from ordinary to extraordinary with his professional mixing, lights and professional audio equipment.

     A graduate from SFU, Connor decided to pursue his passion for music. DJ extraordinaire specializes in top 40 music, wedding classics, house and old school 90's hip hop. His mixing style is typically designed to build upon one another for energy and excitement or just to have a good time.

      I have below two sound samples more oriented towards younger crowds, but I also have lots of older music (hence DJs4everything).  I have a large vinyl collection at home and can't really explain to people why other than its awesome!

      I enjoy playing music people enjoy and at the end of the night everyone going home feeling good is a pretty great feeling...